Magic Success

conspiracy to money and success in business (the action of the plot 3 years) 1 500 $ "Note: if you make a conspiracy, and will not be nor what to do, it will not help you. plot only works if the man is doing something he has the good luck in all his undertakings and undertakings. Nothing ventured natechet. "

Getting rid of a rival or opponent 1 200 $

Beacon attractiveness and sexuality (you become the object of a passionate desire for the other, you want to, want to see you to attract all the people you interact with or are close) 1 400 $

Installation Mayachka for good luck and money, continued success in business, work, conspiracy to luck (you will drive all financial and other daily activities, the failure will leave you) 1 500 $

plot to ruin the competition 2 000 $

Guidance damage, curses 1 400 $

Guidance damage on Wood 1 800 - 8 500 $