My personal advice is, if you really love a person and you can not live without him breathe only fight for it. If it's hurt feelings, or just a passing love, better let go .....

Remember, we fall in love in the present only once in life, and accept that love in the memories of a lifetime, regardless of the prevailing situation. If you feel that you can live without this person (which is not love) is better drop it and do not fight, do not hurt him and myself. If you feel that you can decide for yourself prevailing in the family situation without the aid of magic. Be sure to try to solve it yourself....

Love Spell ( 900 - 2 500 $)

- recovery of lost relationships, the restoration of affection like, sexy love spell, love spells removal, restoration of family, sexual binding, spell loved one lapel.


Privorot for people with gay (1 000 - 3 000 $)

- gay love spell, return of a loved one, sexual binding, the ban on the ability to change.

conspiracy to money and success in business (1 800 - 2 800 $)

- if you make a conspiracy, and will not be nor what to do, it will not help you. The plot only works if the man is doing something he has the good luck in all his undertakings and undertakings. A rolling stone gathers no moss (action plot 3 years).

Conspiracy to razzorenie competitors (2 000 - 8 500 $)

- getting rid of a rival or opponent in life and business.

Beacon naprivlekatelnost and Sexuality (2 000 - 4 000 $)

- you become the object of a passionate desire for the other, you want to, want to see you to attract all the people with whom you communicate or are near.

Healing (1 900 - 29 000 $)

- treatment of existing diseases except AIDS and terminal cancer.

Treatment for drug addiction and dependence (3 000 - 10 000 $)

- treatment for alcoholism, tie with soft drugs, bad habits, hard drugs.

Weight Loss (900 - 1 500 $)

- reset to 10 kg. per month without exhausting diets without gaining weight.

Protecting (1 000 - 2 800 $)

- protection does not affect magic, protecting you from all, including negative impacts on other people, wizards and magic to break the curse, the corruption, evil eye, slander , omens, lapels.

Clairvoyance (200 - 1 800 $)

- finding people, animals and machines.

View Fate (150 - 1 000 $)

- accurate view of the future path and destiny....